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Al Sorena

As the youngest kid growing up in the outskirts of Los Angeles when AM radio was king, I was continually immersed in music. In those days, it was normal to hear a hit by Dean Martin followed by The Who, then Buck Owens and next The Supremes!

I guess that's why I have always loved to play and sing various styles. If you listen with an open mind, you'll hear they have more in common than they have differences. I was just a little brat when my big brother sat me in front of the old black and white TV to see The Beatles premier on the Ed Sullivan show... for real, that happened! I've been ready to rock ever since.

When FM radio was blasting out the harder rock and country crossover artists of the 70s, it was time for this high school hippie to put the trumpet away and get rocking for real! I saved up the money to buy a knockoff bass and a cheap amp, put artists such as Ted Nugent, Fleetwood Mac and Elvis Costello on the record player and drove the family crazy! Not long after, I began playing in bands at parties and dances. Money was tight in those days, so the band would sing and play through speaker boxes I  built myself. They weren't the best, but they got the job done, and that's what matters!

Throughout the journey up to now, I've worked thousands of hours as a bassist, vocalist and songwriter. I also perform character voices! 

Contact me to schedule!

Al is the consummate music professional.  He knows exactly what the song needs, and he always comes to practice well-prepared.  Al’s musical knowledge is extensive and his contributions and ideas always make our band better.  He is a gifted bassist, but he remains humble and receives direction well.  Also, I always enjoy being around Al.  He makes our band practices more fun.  

- David Livengood, Worship Team Leader, Nagoya, Japan

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